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Are you one of MY Findom Psychological Experiments??

This website is dedicated to the way I FUCK you UP & fuck you OVER!!

This is where you can read the scandalous real life stories of My lucky little moneyslave wallet zombies, all the SORDID details of their progressive slips into bankruptcy, deprivation, and poverty for My amusement, profit, and LUXURY!! you can learn about the wicked ways I lead them to ruin, and the way I laugh as I drain their bank accounts and use them to fund MY decadent hedonistic financial domination lifestyle!! HELL Yes, I like exploiting men, and using them for MY amusement!!

Read here the ongoing memoirs, poems, and letters of praise and undying devotion written to Me by My good little pets that please and amuse Me!! Very few of you MONEYSLAVE PAYPIGS will be displayed here, so if you have a permanent page on this website you can begin by THANKING ME PROFUSELY for EXPLOITING YOU!! I am THE Blonde Fetish Financial Domination Hypnodomme and you cannot resist My magnetic allure.

To navigate the “piggy trophy” chapters of click on the linkPAYPIG TROPHIES in the menu above, and a page filled with a wall of trophies will be displayed. With each click a new page will open up with another SCANDALOUS story!! Some of the items will require a PASSCODE to access, this is because the details are SO SCANDALOUSLY INGENIOUS they are not accessible for the general public’s consumption. This is PURE GOLD. To get an ALL ACCESS PASS click HERE. This will allow you access to see each and EVERY page, including videos & mp3s!

Have fun, and be WARNED.. if you keep reading these stories and visiting My website, you *will* end up becoming one of MY guinea pigs, now you can’t say I didn’t warn you!

A warning to copycats: Note that ALL MATERIAL on this website is under comprehensive federal copyright. Any duplication or reproduction of this material in whole or part without express written permission from ME, is a federal offense.Violators will be reported to the US Copyright Office and legal action WILL be pursued. Don’t be stupid.

–, est. 2004

Are you one of MY psychological experiments?

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