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When I added the “Imperious Muse” section of My BRAINWASH STATION, which features artwork done of Me and bios of the artists which created the works, I added a watercolour painting that was painted of Me by a well known oil/watercolour artist that resides on the Island & Florida.. I love the story behind this painting. The artist that painted it resides part of the year on the island I am originally from, and frequents one of My favourite cafes there, a chic independently owned artsy cafe where Me and My friends back home would spend hours drinking primo coffee, reading poetry, discussing life, art, & philosophy, and playing chess.

One night as we were all sitting, sipping coffee, smoking & philosophizing, the artist sat busy at his table in the corner of the cafe. He kept glancing over at Me while painting with his watercolours, and at the end of the evening, he came over and presented Me with this watercolour he had painted of Me as I sat with My friends visiting and enjoying the warm summer night.

It is one of My favourite pieces created of Me, as whenever I glance at it, I am immediately reminded of home and that warm summer night, so I did a scan of it and have uploaded it to My members area along with a short bio on the artist.

I am very excited about this area of My site!! I have corresponded with the artists about this section, and have asked for their input and for relevant information pertaining to their artistic careers, developing bios from the information they have given Me, which at times includes links to interviews with them, notes on Art Exhibits they have been featured in, and will be updated frequently with further art exhibit dates, some of which upcoming exhibits, as you have already read about if you have visited My site recently, will be featuring the work they have done of ME. I will NOT be including a free preview sample page of this section in the public area of My site, this will be ALL EXCLUSIVE for members ONLY.

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