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Here’s your chance to chance to get a special spotlight of your own!! 3 competitions now running! JOIN IN THE FUN!


Details: The participant I select from this final exam gets a special solo spotlight on ‘Redlight District’! To participate, click on the banner below, and start the micro midgie icky dicky “little dick” humiliation assignment. Upon completion of the assignment, you will receive the FINAL EXAM – which is a special humiliating display task! Are you ready for your 15 minutes of fame, DORK?

Click HERE to listen to My MICRO MIDGIE REPORT podcast!


Details: The most amusing DEHUMANIZATION report will be featured on a special showcase page! This 3 day psychological experiment is PURE HEARTLESS CRUELTY, deviously executed by MY brilliant mind to completely erase any fragments of a silly notion you harbor within you that you are in ANY way human. To participate, click on the banner below, and start DEHUMANIZATION CAMP. At the end of the assignment you will be required to send in your full report for a chance at the dehumanized showcase!


Details: DOLLIFICATION. This is the first assignment in your transformation into My LIVING DOLLY!! With GAMES, ENTERTAINMENT, SHOPPING & MORE! OMG the fun we are going to have – I just LOVE making dolls! Send in your exam for possible mention on My new DOLLY page coming soon!


Details: Fond of writing assignment for BEHAVIORAL CONDITIONING! REPETITION is good for your brain, DRONE!! Load the assignment and begin! Send your result report to Me via NF email for PUBLIC GRADING


Details: BRAINWASHING EXPERIMENT: DE-PROGRAMIZATION. Everything you have been taught thus far in your life has all been a LIE. I am here to deprogram you from the lies of the patriarchal society. This de-programization mp3 will make your mind like a blank slate for My further brainwashing experiments. you will contact Me after starting this assignment, for My detailed listening instruction. It will be your goal to become one of MY psychological experiments, for a possible showcase on My LAB RATS page!

 A Guide for the Married FOOL!

IR-MARRIED-FOOL Lessons on how to spend OODLES of COLD HARD CASH on Me without the wifeypoo noticing your MAJORLY HUGE FISCAL INDISCRETIONS. This indispensable guide ALSO includes My BIG SPENDER PAYMENT PLAN.. OMG WHAT a DEAL. Get it NOW fool.


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