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It’s a NITEFLIRT Interactive Party!!

Niteflirt Money Domme

International callers can once again use Niteflirt to call Me!! This is very exciting news! If you are not a member of Niteflirt yet, NOW is the time to join while I am holding My very first NITEFLIRT PARTY Promo!!

Here’s the stats:

I just came up with this totally fun and interactive idea.. a Niteflirt Party month-long EVENT!

ALLforME All US and International callers may participate in this Niteflirt Party EVENT! This event starts NOW and will run until the first of next month.

I will be holding LIVE social media parties during this event, so keep posted by checking My Royal Diary and TWITTER regularly throughout the month. During these LIVE EVENTS there will be even MORE Limited Edition EXCLUSIVE perks and exciting things going on!

To participate, all you need to do is JOIN Niteflirt and CALL ME.

HOW totally FUN is that??!! OMG I am going to exploit your weaknesses, brainwash you, and take ALL your money, and you are going to TOTALLY LOVE it.

  • Click the image above to join Niteflirt and set up your account. This will take you about 3 minutes and it will be ready for you to use immediately.
  • Once a member, click the call button below to call Me. Niteflirt will connect to you by calling the telephone number which you have added to your account. When your phone rings, simply pick up the phone and Press 1 on your touch-tone keypad to begin your call with Me! Alternatively you can call Me direct from your phone by dialing 1.800.863.5478 – Extension 0185723 Call DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS for phone sex on

9 All participants who join Niteflirt and place a completed call of 15 minutes or more with Me during My NITEFLIRT PARTY PROMO which runs until the first of next month will receive a complimentary copy of one of My most popular files, you can choose from the two selections below!

  1. ATOMIC BLONDE – Hypnotic Blonde Fetish Video – regularly 125.00
  2. IN CONTROL of YOUR MIND  hypno mp3 – regularly 125.00

(*To be eligible you MUST join during this month long NITEFLIRT PARTY. Completed call includes feedback.)

Take a look at some of My DIVALICIOUS Feedback!

Doomed zombies are we, once Princess’s pretty, thoughtlessly cruel laugh starts reverberating in our brains…Haughty lectures, delivered with a sneer at my weaknesses..a deepening sense of stickiness in the web i am now trapped in…i foolishly try to interject a word, and am overidden by Her lightning quick mind, instilling in me yet another thought process designed to destroy my will…that’s right, weak little slave, add on some more money for the Princess…there’s a good little doormat!

Money Princess Review She is so intelligent and educated and articulate and gorgeous and controlling. I can see her implanting herself in my head, and I am genuinely afraid of what she is going to make me do

Money Princess Review Princess is very intoxicating in the way she keeps repeating brainwashing phrases until you are driven crazy and crave to do what she suggests! I love her madly! I love her to death!!

Money Princess Review superhot. perfectly bitchy and adorable. unfair really.

Money Princess Review Oooohhh Princess, You are the ultimate killing machine, plundering my soft brain with Your wicked, lethal attitude and beauty. i slave for You now, with a slack jaw and sweaty brow.

Money Princess Review Beautiful, tantalizing and irresistible…who can say no? Not me, even if I wanted to.


To join Niteflirt, simply click on the banner below.

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