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My New Year’s Eve party was an unabashed success, a sparkly continental style gala of indulgent glittering excess! OMG I had SO MUCH FUN!! Since the new year began I have been super busy blowing all your money, which I take from you SO effortlessly.

The more I disregard you, the more I ignore you, the more you pine for one little word, one little glance from Me. Alas, My GLAMOUR and SPARKLE are far too much for mere mortal manpawns to resist. While I go out shopping, lounging in beautiful luxury, never lifting a pretty little finger, you are working SUPER HARD day in/day out to acquire MORE FUND$ to PILE at MY PERFECT FEET!  you succumb to MY superiority, COMPLETELY. This is how it SHOULD be, My little WORKERBEE, this IS the natural order of things.

109564203404300259 ChdHIvmG c LUSH PLUSH VENUS in FURS!

As you should know, I ADORE luxe rare and exotic furs. I am LUSH PLUSH FUR OBSESSED!! As one of My recent leisure pastimes, I recently started a ‘FUR GLAMOUR‘ board on My PINTEREST, which you simply MUST see. It is My desire to mark each image with as much detail as possible, as all of the fur galleries I have found online do NOT mark any information on the furs, I think this will make the board exceptional! I will be adding many more images over the next few weeks, so be sure to go there OFTEN.

I love the quote from the book Venus in Furs which I have chosen as the description for My FUR GLAMOUR board:

heart LUSH PLUSH VENUS in FURS! “I imagine that the goddess of Love has come down from Olympus to visit a mortal. So as not to die of cold in this modern world of ours, she wraps her sublime body in great heavy furs and warms her feet on the prostrate body of her lover. I imagine the favorite of this beautiful despot, who is whipped when his mistress grows tired of kissing him, and whose love only grows more intense the more he is trampled underfoot. I shall call the picture Venus in Furs” – Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus in Furs

Over the past week I have been wearing My furs everywhere I go, which is SO much fun – I SO love this time of year! Yesterday I went out wearing My new WHITE FOX COAT, one of My exquisite PRINCESSMAS presents. OMG everyone was awestruck.. a GLAMOUROUS PLATINUM BLONDE in WHITE FOX.. truly a sight to behold! This coat is frosty white, and hits about mid-thigh, thick and lustrous, with a FOX TAIL COLLAR, it is lush plush DIVINE. Utterly breathtaking, I wore it with a little black dress, and 5 inch heels accessorized with lace and sequins on the heel.. SO precious!


Above are photos of an adorable pair of vintage FUR boudoir shoes in My FUR collection, very JEAN HARLOW-esque! I am just in LOVE with these, the large plush FUR pom-poms are SO soft and fluffy! I LOVE wearing furs in such unexpected places as ON MY FEET. To walk on FUR is such an exquisite decadence! And of course, I have THE most darling little precious petite feet EVER.. porcelain ivory skin, delicate high arches and dainty heels, it is only befitting for Me! Which reminds Me.. I have just uploaded an absolutely adorable CANDID CLIP of Me, dancing in front of presents over the holiday, to Niteflirt, I have titled it BALLET TOES, and it is a FOOT FETISHISTS DREAM! OPEN NOW.

Over the past week I have been shopping for more beautiful furs to add to My collection. My latest acquisitions include a MINK hat (beret style), in the most gorgeous of golden hues, and a FOX FUR HANDBAG made entirely of FOX TAILS! I would also like to find a fluffy POWDER PUFF made out of english ANGORA RABBIT FUR.. how extravagant would this be??! I wonder if such a thing exists?


I also think little Miss Twinkle should have a fur blanket for her new pink tufted day bed.. perhaps fluffy white rabbit or white mink?

CA$H MULE has been delirious to PAY FOR LUSH PLUSH over & over & over! OMG he can’t resist spending OODLES OF CA$H paying for My decadent fur shopping! In fact, I decided to make a LUXURY BUTTON for LUSH PLUSH so CA$H MULE and My other FUR OBSESSED DRONES can click it repeatedly! his bbrainn is TOTAL MUSH over My WHITE FOX COAT, OMG  just wait until he sees My FUR FETISH VIDEO where I am wearing My ultra luxe COACH calfskin suede jacket with PLUSH COYOTE FUR Collar & Cuffs as I recite one of My original poetic compositions.. OMG, it’s GORGEOUS!! INDULGE NOW.


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