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canadian jayjay

There I stood counting a thick stack of 20’s,saying “OMG I keep losing count there’s SO much of it”!

One morning after I woke up and raped jayjays wallet right away of an easy $$6oo DOLLARS $$, I let him leave work for the day.. as I was going out shopping again anyway!! Aren’t I SO thoughtful?

I went to the bank first, *AGAIN* and withdrew money from My [edited] card, since they will only let you withdraw 900.00 a day, so of course I had to go to the ATM more than one day, LMAO. After withdrawing MORE from My card, I went to deposit the funds I had been withdrawing into My bank account.. I counted it like three times, and there was SO much cash I kept losing count, and the woman in line next to Me, kept looking over and glaring at Me, as she was depositing a couple of small checks, and there I stood counting a VERY THICK stack of 20’s *stupid ATM’s should give out larger bills*, and saying “OMG I keep losing count there’s so much of it”.. LMAO!! So I finally asked the teller to count it with Me, and she had to count it a total of FOUR times before she had it added up correctly. LOL

While I was in the middle of counting MY thick wad of MONEY for like the SECOND time , My cellphone rang TWICE, which of course I didn’t answer since I was busy counting !! CA$H !!.. and guess who it was? Yeah, another call from Niteflirt, one of My WALLETS dying to pay BEAUCOUP $$ PER MINUTE for the opportunity to hear MY GORGEOUS VOICE..  LOVE IT, you are SO desperate to PILE your $$$ at MY FEET. When I got back home after going to the BANK & then SHOPPING for about 6 HOURS, I turned My lines back on & sent the caller an email saying, wtf?? you called and interrupted Me counting My money.. LOL SO  funny!! So yeah I miss calls because I am busy COUNTING MY MONEY. LOL!! It’s not even like I wasn’t there or didn’t hear the phone ring or something, I was right there, heard it ring, saw it was YOU and just ignored it, because duh counting money is FAR MORE IMPORTANT. LOL

Soooooooo if you call Me sometime & I don’t answer My phone, more than likely there are one of two possible reasons. 1. I am out shopping or 2. I am busy counting WHAT USED TO BE YOUR MONEY!! haha

In either case, just call back when I turn the line back on, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear Me tell you about what I was out doing while you were TRYING to give ME MORE MONEY!! Got to love it!!

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