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Here’s what DDP ADDICT has to say about his new life as MY wallet zombie:

“In the past, I have given in to others claiming to be dominant princesses, but after the temporary excitement subsided, I felt terrible and remorseful. My true Prince$$ has ended this cycle. Now, the extreme highs are followed by contented bliss and satisfaction. She knows me better than I know myself; listening to her words is like looking into a clear mirror, and for the first time I see myself. Hearing the sweet tenor of her voice carressing my ears is like the aroma of a soft wine that gently intoxicates me. I feel a fresh release every time I send her a payment or tribute. This transformation has been quite remarkable since I never thought that I could find lasting satisfaction in this way. Now, it seems that I can taste it from the lips of my sweet dominant Prince$$, and feel it in the release of myself to her. – Her mindless DDP Addict”

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