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1. From boring grey to colorful

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Hi everyone,

Before I met PRINCESS… well, i don’t know how i was able to live till i met her in fact. It’s really difficult to imagine my life without her now. In retrospect, at this period i know something was wrong or missing in my life. OMG! i wasn’t knowing it would lead to such like, dramatic change in my life.

My EX-boring-and-grey-dull-and-sad-life

Let’s talk a little about my past self. We are now used to call it my Scroogie-self now with PRINCESS, you know like Scrooge in a Christmas Carol, isn’t it funny, PRINCESS always knows hows to transform every single moment into super duper fun ones. So, to make a long story short, my scroogie-self was really boring, unable to enjoy anything in life. But deep inside his scroogie heart, something was telling him there were changes to come. He couldn’t quite make it, but there was nothing he can do, really, it was like, there was this HUGE power above him, ready to make him disappear…

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