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drone joejoe is in SO FAR over his head!! Remember the state his affairs were in when last I mentioned him? Well.. he kept ignoring his outstanding bills to send Me his paycheck every week as soon as he was paid every Thursday @ 12 a.m., and eventually his creditors started calling him at work. Then he went and got himself FIRED over it, which is totally unacceptable!! I sent him to go apply for his unemployment, took his last paycheck, which included his severance pay (basically any vacation pay he had left over). Even though he begged Me to leave him with gas money, I took EVERY LAST CENT OF IT… well no, I think I left him with 19 cents, actually. Wasn’t that sweet of Me? Don’t worry, I let him thank Me for it, profusely.

And OH have I ever been buying SO many pretty things with what used to be joejoe’s money.. like this glittering Swarovski Crystal Hair Jewel..

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