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In the words of DRUDGE GEORGIE:

“Like a trembling fly, i felt myself sinking ever more helplessly into the sticky web of Princess’s aristocratic, Royal cruelty. Again and again, i added more money to my account, like a zombie, draining my food money for the week away. But how totally worth it!! To hear Her taunting laugh, to be impaled upon the sharp needle of Her knowing insight into my weak, slave nature. Encouraging me to embrace my doom, Her hypnotic, forceful words dripped like absinthe into my fevered brain. Now, all i can think of is to hear that golden voice of Hers again…. “

ROWR!! My new little manpawn is now waiting EAGERLY for next friday to arrive so that he can send Me MORE of his hard earned cash, since of course by now he already realizes that its NO LONGER his paycheck, but is MINE.. so this is a warning, if you find yourself here day after day, youre going to eventually end up MY WILLING VICTIM, don’t say I didnt warn you!!

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