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DRUNKY MONKEY ERIC called My $50 DOLLAR a minute line and spent $$ 3+ GRAND $$ in a night, and boy was that fun, but I decided it just totally wasn’t enough!! I came up with a FABULOUS idea that he should call his credit card company and tell them to lift his nightly cap so he could max his CC available balance on Me!! Like a smarty pants, he did just that, and OMG did that ever get the party started!!

I effortlessly took $$ 20 GRAND $$ out of him in just over an hour. Yes, you read that right, 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS in just over an hour.

Can you even imagine it? LMAO. OMG Niteflirt said they have NEVER seen SO MUCH MONEY in such a short amount of time, EVER. So yeah, what can I say, I *AM* the very definition of FINANCIAL DOMINATION. I mean seriously, I don’t even try, I don’t need to lift a finger, you simply BEG to send Me 1000 DOLLAR tributes one after the other. OMG I LOVE being ME!!

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