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My little floorlicking bitch & My brilliant idea

So I have this totally addicted FLOORLICKER, that can’t get enough of being abused by Me.. he dreams of licking the ground I walk on. he sent Me 1700 dollars for the honour of being sent a pair of MY boots to lick clean, in fact, boots *he* even bought for Me!!

he had a dental appointment for a really bad cavity, and he even ended up cancelling the appointment so that he could send Me the rest of the money he had, because all he had left at that point was enough for the appointment.. lmao. I also let him fast for a day and a half, and when he was finally allowed to eat, I told him to make sure that the meal was not extravagant in anyway or I would make him fast again, and to send Me an email letting Me know what he had eaten.. this is what his email later that night said..

“i ate a can of baked beans last night for dinner. its funny because just before i put it an a bowl i decided to drop it on the kitchen floor and eat on my hands and knees wishin You were there looking and laughing at me. that’s all i pretty much had in the house anyway since i couldn;t really go shopping for groceries this weekend. i’ve got to call today an cancel my appointment on wed. i really need to reschedule that, Princess! please???? i’ve got a cavity that hurts.”

LMFAO – I sent the boots to him, and he was SO excited, he was licking them for daysssssss. he even took a day off from work the day after they arrived because he could NOT bear to leave them .. LOL. I told him after he was done licking them clean and paying 1700 dollars for that privilege he had to SEND THEM BACK TO ME.

But ewwww, after he sent them back to Me, they arrived in a box, and the thought of opening the box and touching them at all TOTALLY grossed Me out, cuz like yuck? he licked them clean with his icky slave tongue, BARF!!

Can you blame Me? LMFAO look at that!! So.. later on I was thinking hmm, what to do with these boots in this box? I thought about tossing them, and then I had a GREAT and very funny idea!! I decided to let some of My slaves, losers, and dorks bid on them, letting the lucky winning DWEEB pay for them AGAIN, to send them onto the lucky winner, and then let THEM lick floorlickers spit off of them.. so he paid 1700 to lick them clean and send them back to Me, and then the lucky winner got to lick HIS SPIT off of them!! I called that the “EPITOME of L-O-S-E-R” auction!! ha!

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