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foolish jewboy

HEIL NAZI CHICK – otherwise known as My fool & the NAZI GOLD research project!

My fool is a total weakling addicted to his feeling of HELPLESSNESS around ME. But he did have a few annoying traits, that surfaced rather quickly. Things such as always commenting on another slaves training, and trying to tell them how to do things, which, quite obviously, is not *his* place. So since I bored of his obsession with all things not related to himself I decided to give him his own task.. which was his first.To test My fool, I decided to have him research a subject that would not interest him at all, didnt relate to someone else, and was a task he would not like. This subject happened to be NAZI GOLD. Preface this by saying, fool is a jewboy.. not only a jewboy, but a jewboy with an insecurity issue!

I have a vast interest in NAZI GOLD – journalists and the government have to this day been unable to find out where it all went.. so I decided to have fool try to find it. I knew this task would TOTALLY rub him the wrong way, because of where the NAZI GOLD came from, if you dont know the story, begin researching!

Of course at first he was upset, because to quote the fool, he “HATES nazi related items with a passion!” This task was something he definitely did NOT want to do! But the fool jewpig could not resist, and, of course, jumped right to the task, wasting no time in beginning his research. And even tho it was obvious by his report how much he despised the task (he made comments about the “nazi bastards” whenever he could) he still did it, and was completely annoyed with himself for not being able to say “no” to ME!

What is even FUNNIER, is that he didnt stop there.. he kept trying to call Me on keen/niteflirt unsuccessfully, he emailed Me and told Me that he kept wanting to write some nazi stuff for Me.. he was blatantly irritated by his compulsion to do it, so I decided to have him write something for Me with a nazi theme for MY secret society pages. Just a super short time after that he had already written two pages, and the rest is history!!

fool has totally betrayed his own belief structure for ME, turned against his very heritage to amuse Me.. and sacrificed his jewish pride to complete My tasks for him.. and to this day he fights himself over the urges, but, we both know that I ALWAYS get what I want. And it will NEVER matter what he thinks, no one cares about his opinion, least of all ME! READ MORE HERE ABOUT THE GOOGLING FOOL!


“fool want to come back
She insist i crawl
fool goes to crawl
She insist fool crawl thru HER gravel and glass
fool bleeds …fool’s belly lacerates crawling at HER will
fool has to drink just to concede HER victory that was only in doubt in a fool head
fool knows fool agony will never be enough… its sick that SHE even causes fool to create the agony SHE is too haughty to inflict
fool is hating what SHE makes fool do and yet fool does it
drooling and bleeding know even HER Heel crushing of fool will provide some kind of sick gratification
the fool is fucked and yet fool knows the fucking has yes to even begin
was this even some twisted plan prophesized long ago by the Princess?”

SLAIN by MY Egoism, Confidence, Vanity, & Narcissism

MY fool JEWBOY wrote Me another poem.. all about how it feels to have MY needle in your vein, and what happens when you try to resist My Poison in your blood, and how the addiction only grows STRONGER until you are compelled to SUBMIT & GIVE INTO IT!!

“i work my body at the gym
it’s my source of a lot of pride
and yet i expose myself to her claws
and She rips me up inside

although i build up my biceps and tri’s
i grower weaker with each time i call
i know not how Princess got me this way
and made my big ego so small

somehow i freely got caught in Her web
and i struggle to try to work free
and as i tear at each sticky strand
several more attach themselves to me

i’ll not yet admit that it’s futile
at the gym it’s said “no pain no gain”
it is much different with The Princess
She says “just give me that fucking fool vein”

and so my body has muscle
containing Her poison that’s running inside
i am so strong when lifting the weights
and on the phone with Princess i cried

right now i am shaking without Her
well being and the Princess don’t mix
i’ll roll up my sleeve and call Her
and submit to Her poisonous fix”

lmao.. drawn to MY Arrogance and SLAIN by MY Egoism, Confidence, Vanity, & Narcissism, then turned into a HELPLESS FOOL FOR ME!! meoww, its time to call ME, My little helpless foolboy!!

MY fool writes THREE poems about MY Beauty & Arrogance

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