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F is for I fucked up freddy so bad he’s now totally fucked FOREVER..


My slaveboy freddy is in My “Bad Girls Little Pink Book” under “F” why F? because fucking freddy up is SO much FUN!!.. I love doing all sorts of things to mess with freddys manbrain!! I keep him on a strict abstinence schedule, which is the cause of much amusement, for ME!! Everytime freddy is allowed an abstinence break he has a list of tasks he has to do before he is allowed to have the break, and often the window of opportunity is loaded with conditions!! This makes for a lot of hilarious scenarious, especially cuz of freddys wifeypoo.. LOL. If freddy breaks abstinence without permission, he must pay penance and lament his transgression, and I rarely go easy on him!

freddy bears the marks of MY FANGS in his flesh.. yeah, he woke up one day and there they were, and they havent completely gone away since.. check it out LOLFunny, they look JUST LIKE the sort of marks MY FANGS would make, dont they?? Recently freddy went for laser hair removal on his face.. it was his wifeypoo’s idea, and I thought it was completely appropriate! he wasn’t so sure about it.. but since *I* thought it was a great idea, he had no choice but to comply!

It won’t be long before freddy will be the HAIRLESS WONDER!! Well, it will be a lot easier for him to apply his wifeypoo’s “special cream” without any stubble in the way! Check out a pic of freddy after his first laser hair removal session in the piggy parade!

I enjoy infiltrating EVERY part of My slaves lives, so that every single day they are reminded of Me, CONSTANTLY. I mean, after all, I AM the very reason they exist. In this vein, I sent freddy a limited edition first printing of My pop art self-portrait, framed and matted to hang up on his cubicle wall at work to add colour there, since he is surrounded by shades of beige. he put it on the wall right next to where he works at his desk so that he can view it all day long.. LOL. Just imagine the surge of POISON he gets from staring at MY Monochrome in PINK all day.. haha!!

Bunches and bunches of ppl noticed it from the very first day he put it up. A lot of people were stopping and looking at it when they went into his office, especially this one new guy that kept looking at it, then at freddy, trying to figure out why a guy would have a piece of artwork all in PINK in his way too beige office, haha. I told freddy to take a photo of it on his wall, and it looks SO fn cool!! Check it out!

MY pop art self portrait Monochrome in PINK on freddys office wall :) And again at another angle!

Imagine freddy working long hours at his desk everyday with MY artwork, MY self portrait, right up there over him all day long – reminding him who his BOSS is, and WHY he’s there working so hard, inspiring him to work even harder, and do his very best, because EVERYTHING he does, he does it for ME!!

If you read MY Scandalous Royal Diary at all, you more than likely know about “freddy voodoo doll”. Yes, thats right, I made a voodoo doll of freddy, and yes, I *do* stick pins in it.. haha!! Strategically placed, to do exactly what I want them to do. I told freddy to send Me his favourite weekend outfit, so that I could have custom clothes made for freddy voodoo doll out of it, and I also told him to send Me his wallet, because freddy voodoo doll wanted it.. he also sent a clipping of his hair, and his own lifes blood.. just IMAGINE the sorts of things I can do with that.. WICKED WICKED things!!

For a few weeks I didnt let freddy see freddy voodoo doll, I would talk about him, and Im sure he wasnt quite sure whether I was REALLY serious about it. Then one day I let freddy see him on cam, and then posted a picture on My diary of dolly, and so if he had any doubt before, he definitely KNOWS that Im serious NOW… lmao!!

Being MY pincushion is a huge honour, and being a huge honour, carries many responsibilities, such as doing whatever tedious, possibly demeaning, and often amusing task I choose for him to do, things such as cleaning out his garage, selling his tools on ebay to get MORE $$ for ME, going through his dresser drawers and closets, disposing of any items that *I* decide he doesnt need, and only keeping whatever I tell him he is allowed to have. But then, a zombie slaves life should be one of SIMPLICITY, it should only live with the bare necessities it NEEDS, without any other luxuries, as I AM YOUR ONLY LUXURY!!

freddy has to do WHATEVER I want, because if he doesnt do so immediately, and tries to put up any amount of resistance, I stick a pin somewhere special, in a place where it will cause him to surrender and do whatever it is *I* want. I generally do not have to do this, and when freddy has behaved nicely, I often remove pins to reward him for his behaviour, in this way he learns the rules of what Freud calls “The Pleasure Principle”.. if you dont know what that means, I am not going to explain it to you.

Click the image to the left to watch a vid about freddy’s life as MY PINCUSHION!! Of course being MY pincushion also carries with it many perks, being one of My slaves which most amuses Me, generally puts you on better terms with Me, and being on better terms with Me, means there is more of a chance I will speak to you, and perhaps let you be a part of MY World. freddy is very lucky in this way, as he is privileged to have experienced many of My Royal Sacraments, and is being prepared to commence the next, and he is ALSO inducted into MY Secret Society, which is only open to those whom I choose to invite to be a part of it.. and I am EXTREMELY fussy about that..

And what a very FORTUNATE PINCUSHION freddy is!! As you should already know if you visit My website, I am a huge fan of ROB ZOMBIE. So when I found out Rob would be on tour, I immediately had one of My slaves buy tickets for Me to go!!

I had been talking with Rob’s wife Sheri, and she was going to a bunch of the shows on the tour, but she wasnt going to be at the show I was going to because she had to go back to L.A. a few days before the show to start getting her new clothing line ready, and her website up online. Her clothing line is called TOTAL SKULL, and you can visit her website for it by visiting !!

If you dont know who Sheri is yet, you REALLY SHOULD, because I totally love both Rob AND Sheri, and it is part of YOUR role in MY World to pay close attention to what I LOVE!! Anywayz, Sheri was in Robs movies House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devils Rejects, so if you have seen them you will already know that she played the character “Baby”.. and if you *havent* seen them, wtf are you waiting for?? Go buy BOTH, NOW!! They are SO BEYOND UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLY KICKASS!!

I was so bummed that Sheri wouldnt be at the show I was going to, but I had told freddy to buy a ticket for the show that would be near him, so I emailed Sheri and asked her if by any chance she would be at that show – and she WAS going to be!! I really wanted to get the chance to meet her, and also pick up a Total Skull shirt, because at that time they werent on sale anywhere yet. So I told her that one of My moneyslaves would be at that show, because I told him to pick up a ticket and go, so she said that I could send freddy to the tour bus to meet her and that she would give him a shirt for Me!! She is absolutely the sweetest!


freddy voodoo dolly currently has a black velvet bag over his head and 3 pins in his heart.

In case you are wondering WHY poor little voodoo dolly is in such a state – here’s how it goes: apparently freddy started out with investment accounts totalling $ 100,000.00 when he first met Me, most of which is now gone. In other words, a nice chunk of 100 Grand squandered on ME, and all things related to Me, and MY whims. In addition, recently he took out a home equity loan to do some repairs on his house, and tells Me that he’s even been spending some of that on Me, as well! I really don’t know the exact totals since *I* never keep track. I just TAKE what is Mine, and let you do the math.

So his latest course of action was to scurry about trying to hang on by a thread, and refuse to finish wiping out his accounts, hoping he can hold on to his few pennies, because, boohoo he still has to pay the guys for roofing his house. I didn’t give him permission to redo his roof anyway. Who cares if his roof leaked an itsy bitsy bit? So by all calculations, once he’s done with that there will be basically NOTHING left. he spent some amount of time whining about how expensive I am, in supposedly a myriad of ways. Add in tossing and turning every night.. I’m assuming he’s doing that because well what’s wifeypoo going to say when she finds out all that money is gone? Surely it’s only a matter of time before she pulls her head out of her butt. I wonder how he explained needing to take out a loan for the roof repairs, when she assumes he has that money? LOL Wouldn’t you have liked to be a mouse in the corner for that explanation.

I told him if he came up with another 10 grand for ME I might let him keep talking to Me, but actually I’ve decided that I don’t think he deserves it. What do you think? All I know is that it totally annoys Me that he didn’t figure out how to get MORE money for Me before this! tsk tsk tsk. The audacity.. and what’s more he comes crying to Me like he deserves something for his efforts. Newsflash! I don’t care about you! you deserve LESS than NOTHING. So yeah, you blow close to 100 grand and you end up with a black bag over your head and 3 pins straight through the heart. And seriously, you deserve nothing less. LMFAO I’m SO mean.


(In the photo below you will witness freddys contract as My slave, signed in his own lifes blood, postmarked 2005.)

At last update, which was about THREE years ago,freddy voodoo dolly had a black velvet bag over his head and 3 pins in his heart. he was, at that time, in such a DIRE CIRCUMSTANCE because FREDDY, who started out with $100,000 investment account when he met Me, had squandered a nice chunk of $$ 100 GRAND $$ on ME, not to mention some of the home equity loan him and his wifeypoo had taken out for his house repairs, as well.

Oh was it EVER a SORDID mess, I’m sure everyone wonders what his wifeypoo said when she found out that ALL that money was gone, totally WIPED OUT! LMFAO. I can just imagine how he tried to explain THAT one away.

Ultimately he begged and begged Me to accept the measly little contributions he offered and could barely even afford, as he was now reduced to sub-par offerings by his new found poverty. Naturally he was DELIRIOUSLY focused on keeping MY presence in his life. But eww. NO WAY. I told him to come up with another $$ 10 GRAND $$ up front, or it was BUHBYE for good. I mean really, he should have figured out how to get more money for Me BEFORE it came to THAT!! And I did give him some GREAT tips, I mean had he listened to Me 3 years ago and invested in GOLD he would have had a return of like astronomical proportion. So I feel NO PITY for him at all.

Anyway, about 6 months ago or thereabouts, he royally screwed up by contacting someone who had My banner on their site, desperate to get ahold of Me. I had EXCOMMUNICATED freddy 3 years prior, and by excommunication I mean he had/has NO way to contact Me, AND he is banned everywhere, including Yahoo and Niteflirt. Even his IP is blocked on My website, because he kept sitting looking at it every SINGLE day, just totally gawking at it, which was SO annoying! As IF he deserves to look at My site! So WHAT if he spent like $$ 100 GRAND $$ on Me?? he went bust after, so that still makes him a BROKE LOSER!! My ONE excommunication rule was to NEVER utter My name, for as long as he lives. SO for him to contact that person and go on for MONTHS about how OBSESSED he is with Me and how he CAN’T get over Me (after nearly 3 years LMAO), etcetcetc, clearly violates My EXCOMMUNICATION rule.

Not a day goes by that he doesn’t pine away over how much FUN he had being MY PINCUSHION. And, I really can’t say that I blame him, I AM unfuckingbelievably FABULOUS like that. I have this way about Me that just gets under your skin and gets you hooked from the start. Being able to speak with Me live on messenger and the telephone is like PURE ADRENALINE, you get so addicted to how GOOD it feels to give Me what I WANT, that you start feeling like SUPERMAN on top of the world. But WOW is it EVER a long hard crash spiralling down when you’ve DISAPPOINTED ME! What a FALL. you NEVER recover.

But now, I discover that freddy has really hit ROCK BOTTOM. tsktsktsk freddy. It must truly SUCK to be only FRED now, as the OTHER people in your life know you. What a sad state of affairs you’ve gotten yourself into. Taking your measly pennies, that I REJECTED, all around the web, begging people to “mimic” Me and “make videos” like Me??! LMAO. OMG what a PRETTY picture that is. Even more amusing is the thought that for a mere fraction of the money I threw back in your face, and DENIED you the pleasure of sending to Me, some ickypoo chick is bending over backwards, working their butt off, trying soooooo hard to MIMIC ME. OMG so desperate!

And YOU! LMAO. Just thinking of you so desperate to RELIVE the moment that I made you metaphorically AND literally BLEED for Me, that you would sit there watching a dull STAGED video, which you bought for less than I would wipe My nose with, a “re-enactment” with NO LIFE, NO SPARK in it, of the ULTIMATE highlight of your life, the moment when I captured your SOUL and made it MINE.It’s like trying to convince yourself that a cheap china knock off with sharp plastic tags & bad seams is a GUCCI handbag. you of all people KNOW the difference, did you really think you could fool yourself?

I delight in the knowledge that such a thing will do nothing but leave you with a dull aching VOID in your heart and soul, a hollow painful spot, longing for MY LUMINESCENCE, which has been FOREVER extinguished from your life. you deserve NOTHING less. [back]

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