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Or EPISODE 2 in the conversion of MY bitchboy into a glamgirl sissy freak!!..

bitchboy glamgirl climbs into the fizzy bubbly tub.. lying in all that sudsy foam *she* feels like such a girly freak!! she would like to stay in the tub all day.. BUT she nearly forgot her friends are coming over soon, and they all think glamgirl is such a mans man, you know shooting pool, drinking beer, hanging out with the guys swearing and scratching.. what would they all think if they knew *her* little secret??

glamgirl had SO much bathtime fun.. *she* couldnt BEAR to see it end yet, so when she got out of her sissybath she decided to glue her French manicured nails on since she was feeling ESPECIALLY girly today.. only she couldn’t get them to stay on, so she decided to use superglue.. well it SEEMED like a good idea, until she realized that now she couldnt get them off, and OH NO!! did she just hear a car pull into the driveway?? LOL

Somehow I don’t think the boyz have EVER pictured *her* like THIS before.. HAHA!


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