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micro midgie matty

micro midgie matty contacted Me for the first time after he inherited 10,000 dollars.

The sum of mattys previous life up to that point can be explained as such: Every time he dated a girl, as soon as they had sex she broke up with him. PERIOD. They could even have been dating for MONTHS while micro midgie matty tried to avoid the ego-shattering eventuality, but sooner or later, something would happen, one thing leading to another, and his gf would find out how completely UNENDOWED he is.. LOL. Beyond that fact,  he is also uncircumcised.. eww? Some amount of time before inheriting the 10 GRAND it had become blatantly obvious to matty that he would never ever have a regular relationship.. so he might as well stop even trying, because it is only just a matter of time before every relationship he attempts falls apart on him, and he ends up just being totally heartbroken!

After inheriting money from his mother’s death, micro midgie matty was on a MISSION. he decided to spend that money in the BEST possible way he could. After all, spending that cash on a girl he hoped to have a normal relationship with was sure not to pan out, and he knew it well by this point. That’s when micro midgie matty stumbled onto My listings @ Niteflirt. OMG, NOW his life ALL made sense. The sole purpose of his being born into this world was now CRYSTAL CLEAR. he was destined to be outcast with this MARK upon him, as it was his sole purpose of being to spend his inheritance on ME. he had no care for tomorrow, and desperately ran head forward, like a bull at a red flag. Yes, he should have seen it was a RED flag, but of course he was too delirious to notice..

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