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Beauty AND Brains..

I had the best convo with My coward when he called Me on Niteflirt  to tell Me how much he loves Me, My mind, the Art that is Me, and My theories and concepts. I just LOVE when wallets call to tell Me how much they ADORE ME.. when all they want to talk about is ME ME ME and all the things I LOVE!!
I love when you GET what Im saying, when you look at what I do and understand what Im getting at, what Im going for.. theres nothing like having you totally CRAVE to read every word I’ve ever written.. to further understand ME, the way I THINK, and the way YOU fit into MY WORLD!!
Lucky piggybanks that are part of the members area of are in for a treat, as Im going to be adding more of My theories on the chrysalis of fetish, the purifying of My Art, and My concepts on stripping your fetish for lavishing Me with gifts and giving ME all of your money down to the very core and exposing and exploiting it for MY benefit!! One of MY favourite things is using MY beauty, intellect and power to EXPLOIT you!! Im a capitalist at the core, the machiavellian ruler of MY EMPIRE, the Elite One that uses you as you were born to be used by ME, and you submit willingly to be MY victim, because it is your role in life, your calling.. to be nothing but an extension of MY Supreme Will!!

Here’s a GORGEOUS testimony from MY coward:

“Diamond Diva Princess is DIFFERENT from all the other dominant ladies. She is a multi-media artist. And with her demeanor, with her carefree yet cruel laughter, her colors (pink, black, suicide blonde), her dresses, her little girl socks over highheels, her posters, and with the dollars signs in her name, she is the ultimate American, postmodern, dominant, self-rightous, diamond loving, man controlling, seductress. She knows her trade: She knows how to use a man’s fundamental weakness to take his money, his phallus from him. She is cute, she is clever, and she is cruel. I am enchanted, hypnotized, and ripped apart. I am in love with you, Diamond Diva Princess.”

..and he couldnt stop there, he had to email Me the very next day to tell Me what a fascinating conversation it was, and how as he listened to Me talk about Freud and Deleuze, Mondrian and his theories about the purification of art, and moneyslavery as an abstract fetish he was DIZZY from how articulate and intelligent I am..

MEOW! Beauty AND Brains.. I am WAY too much for you to resist.


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