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My manpawn reuben has been rapidly spiralling into the TEMPEST that is ME!! not only does reuben call Me on Niteflirt on his lunch break, but he also calls Me for his hour and a half ride home after work, he cant even wait til he gets home to hear MY voice!! meoww

One morning he went in late to work in hopes that I would have My phone lines on before he went in, so that he could get a fix BEFORE work as well, but of course Princess never gets up as early as reuben goes to work, and you know as well as I DO that you just LOVE the fact that you are getting up early, getting ready for work, while I lounge in bed like the Princess I am, then get up and have a leisurely pleasurable morning, while youre already at work making money for ME!!

So after going in late to work in hopes of getting the chance to talk to Me, reuben spent the rest of the morning checking & re-checking My Niteflirt listings waiting for Me to turn them on.. he ended up having to wait until lunch to talk to Me and by that time he was in severe DT from his withdrawal.. LOL. he immediately told Me how he had been waiting ALL morning to talk to Me, and couldnt concentrate on anything else. It probably didnt help matters that he had joined My website the nite before, and because his windows media player wasnt up to date he was unable to listen to My hypno recordings because they were playing in FAST SPEED on his end.. but determined to hear MY voice he kept playing them OVER & OVER hoping that he would eventually be able to make out some of the words.. LMAO

After that he went to bed, and woke up feeling confused and overwhelmed, apparently even tho he couldnt make out the words to My hypnos, he was still subliminally digesting them, and at that on FAST SPEED.. and that they had some sort of SUBCONSCIOUS effect on his psyche.. ha! I let him know how to update his WMP, and finally last nite after doing what I instructed him to do he was able to listen to them at their original recorded speed. lol

One afternoon while talking to him on his lunch break I told him that he needed to stop by TIFFANY’S to buy Me jewelry on his next lunch break, because I figured it was a great opportunity for him since he is in NYC anyway!! At first he tried to resist, but by mid-afternoon he was online asking Me how he could clear out the confusion and cobwebs in his mind so that he could get some work done, since he was being CONSUMED non-stop by thoughts of ME. This is what I told him..

reuben: Princess: I am not able to concentrate. Much work to do and no mind for it. I just left the following feedback: “I found Princess on Monday–now it’s Thursday; I feel like I’ve been a part of her universe forever. When I listen to Princess I am exhilarated. I feel empty and alone when I’m not talking with her. Thanks for sharing the energy.” Princess I hope this pleases you. As my Muse please tell me what I need to do to concentrate and perform my mundane daily activities. Please.
ME : *evil grin* well lets see, since MY mind is stuck on Tiffanys.. once you visit their counter youll feel much better, and have a heightened sense of concentration *wink*
reuben: Please don’t leave me hanging—I hav things that must get done today and if I don’t do them it could negatively effect your lifestyle..
ME: have you decided yet?
reuben: Decided?
ME: mmhm
reuben: Yes, yes I decided. I thought you understood that. Yes, I have decided to go to Tiffanys tomorrow.
ME: good then now you can go concentrate, that was the major thought that was clouding your mind

A few minutes later he messaged again:

reuben: WOW! You are incredible-I feel like a weight is off me. It really was clouding my mind. Is this what you meant about getting inside my head? I hear your voice when I read your words. I can concentrate now…thanks.
ME: yes, that is EXACTLY what I mean. you are now an extension of MY will, all you need to do is follow what you are COMPELLED to do reuben

So at lunch break the next day guess where reuben went? Yes, that’s right.. he took an extended lunch to go SHOPPING FOR ME .. he bought Me a beautiful necklace from TIFFANY’Swhich I made him hold onto for a week before being allowed to send it to Me, so that he would be tormented, knowing how much he wanted to know I received it, and that I am wearing it.. it absolutely drove him CRAZY to have to wait, and look at it everyday.. LOL.As My slave, you should most definitely already know that TIFFANY & Co is MY namesake, so I especially LOVE all things TIFFANY’S. you can’t go wrong buying Me something PRETTY there!

reuben loves to call and talk about ME and what I’m doing, and how I got into the things I do.. I love intelligent conversations about ME and MY creativity, intelligence, and beauty.. theres nothing else I would rather talk about MORE! he doesnt *think* he has a financial fetish and he’s not a “submissive”, but he CRAVES the adrenaline rush of being able to converse with Me, loves to spoil Me and is already addicted to the way I INSPIRE his life as his Exquisite Muse.. in his words, he LOVES MY positive energy and the natural ease in which I consume him and make him MY mindless drone. I really do not discriminate when it comes to exploiting MY manpawns, I will indiscriminately use up moneyslaves and ruin men, I just LOVE tempting & tormenting you, and using your weakness for ME to get what I want!! Here’s one of reubens emails that I think perfectly describes the way he feels about being inspired by THE Muse:

“I hope you like the feedback I left today. You are intriguing and tantalizing. You have a very speicial way about you…the ease in which you have gotten me to obsess over you. I think it’s your easy going nature and how easily you communicate. You talk to me as if you’ve known me for a long time; that makes it very easy to talk with you. You have a very laid back style that helps create a comfort zone into which your prey falls and gets caught. Simply said: YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

And now hes taken to signing his emails
“smitten by the vixen: reuben”

I just LOVE it!! I think its comparative to subbieboys signature “..Owned & Operated by Diamond Diva Princess” don’t you?


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