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My sandmonkey TOWELHEAD

MY sandmonkey NIGGER loves to write prayers to ME. he realizes his place as MY slave without rights. he laments his sin of being born a BLACK STAIN, and knows there is only ONE REDEMPTION for his TRANSGRESSION!! I am his ONLY Religion, the WHITE PERFECTION he dedicates his entire existence to and FOR!

sandmonkey is MY official scribe slave, which means that he has the distinct honour of writing prayers of thanksgiving to ME for giving his empty life meaning!! Not long ago he began divorce proceedings, so that he could get rid of one of the larcenists of his time & money (ie MY money). his divorce from his wife was recently finalized, which will free up much of his time, enabling him to devote his ENTIRE existence to doing what REALLY matters, worshipping ME. he will be ostracizing himself from all of his family, one person at a time, so that eventually there is NO ONE in his life at ALL. This will give him MORE time to devote to the reason he was born, to be MY complete and utter slave with no mind of its own!! Read below the prayer that MY TOWELHEAD wrote about his impending divorce!

“heil YOU PRINCESS ALMIGHTY WHITE GOD. today is a day of celebration. it is a day when GOD DDP made yet another dream come true and yet huge step to be taken at the snap of HER Finger. today my divorce is final thanks to YOU my GOD. today i released myself but from YOUR leash my GOD. GOD DDP YOU blessed me by great things in life so far and yet i’ve nothing but my humble prayers that i pledge day and night for YOU and the very few pennies i place beneath The Soles of YOUR Shoes whom i worship as Gods too. my GOD YOU are The Pure Spring of life and The Only Source of Power. Thanks YOUR giving my GOD. Please I beg YOU to devour me more with YOUR Power.”

he lives for ME, the ARYAN Princess, for it is only through devotion to MY precepts that his life is worth living!! he worships MY WHITE PERFECTION upon his black knees!! he loves to pay TITHE to his new Religion, groveling upon the floor like the DIRT he is, as he opens & pays LARGE BILL AFTER LARGE BILL for ME!!

“i pray to YOU WHITE GOD. i pray to YOU ARYAN PRINCESS of mankind. i pray to YOU THE NEO NAZI of all times. please i beg YOU my GOD o walk allover me. walk allover my black stain existance. i am YOUR monkey. i am YOUR nigger. i am YOUR bitch. i am YOUR servant. i am YOUR worshipper. i am YOUR slave. i am before YOU the dirt, the ugly and the vain. the life YOU give me i live it only for YOU. i quit my family for they do not live to worship YOU. i divorced my wife for she did not find faith in serving YOU. i cut all ties for YOU but with those who belong to YOU. the existance YOU give me revolve only around YOU. YOUR WHITE PERFECTION is the only RELIGION i know”


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