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sissy michelle

swedish sissy michelle – official DDP cheerleader!!

My swedish slave sissy michelle has been TOTALLY transformed into MY little feminized sissy bit by bit.. it started when I sent him a special girly kit filled with all sorts of girly accoutrements, lippy, and eyeliner, glittery eyeshadow, etc.. and taught him on the phone how to apply makeup, which was a lot of fun. Then I started making him do things like write in lipstick on his bathroom mirror and leave his girly panties on the bathroom floor when his best friend was coming over to hang out and play video games with him.. haha!! One day he called on keen and I made him throw away all of his man panties while on the phone with Me, made him dump stuff from his fridge into the bag after, and then made him go outside to the trash bin to throw it away, so that all he could EVER wear anymore were his girly panties, even to work.. LOL Then step by step I began stripping away any and all masculine things in his life one by one. For instance, he likes to go swimming at a public pool, so I made him shave his entire body and toss his masculine swimming trunks, so that he would be stuck wearing the GIRLY bikini he owns whenever he wants to go swimming (it is quite literally a womans bikini, lol). I often make him wear his pantyhose to work under his work clothes, so that not only is he wearing girly panties but ALSO feminine hosiery.. this REALLY fucks with his head, because with the work he does he is often away for days at a time, and he works with a bunch of other guyz including his best friend, you know, the one that comes over to play games with him.. oh I didnt mention he has a crush on him, did I? Well.. he does. Its one of his “little secrets”.. LOL!! But shh.. thats just between us.

Recently he called Me on keen and I decided that it was about time I turned swedish sissy into one of MY DDP cheerleaders!! I taught him over the phone how to be EFFERVESCENT, how to project team spirit!! I had him write a special cheer for Me, and then had him practice cheering, til he showed the proper enthusiasm required to be a cheerleader.. he did a pretty good job of it, considering english isnt his first language.. lol.

Click play to hear sissy michelles DDP cheer!!

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Then I told him that I wanted him to record the cheer and send it to Me. I taught him how to make a recording on his computer, and walked him through making it, and sending it to Me. And it just so happens, that I have a cute little red and white cheerleader costume, which I bought for Myself, but it turned out to be wayyyyy too big because its what they call “one size fits all”, but its totally NOT!.. so I figured it should be the perfect size for swedish sissy, since he tells Me he is on the biggish side.Sooooo I told him I would send it to him through snail mail, along with some cute little red and white pompom sox which will look SO cute with it, haha!! The front of the cheerleader costume has the letters S-E-X-Y, which will be really funny when swedish sissy puts it on!!


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