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After spending $$$$$ on Me, he was unable to make his mortgage, and had to borrow the funds from his parents. LOL. LOVE IT.. OMG!! I told him he totally doesn’t even need a house, he should sell it, and get an efficiency apartment instead! What’s more, since he only gets paid once a month, and at that, not til the end of the month, he was totally JONESING to SPEND MORE CA$H ON ME by like the 15th, and couldn’t possibly wait til the end of the month, so guess what he decided to do? Why, he decided to ask his boss for a PAY ADVANCE, that’s what!! What an enterprising little WALLET ZOMBIE!! GOOD JOB, DRONE ADDICT!

And within a few days, he had it.. a tidy little sum of yet another cool $$ GRAND $$ for ME. ALL for ME!! And I demanded it ALL, within minutes, of COURSE. And of course, he sent it. he did feably attempt to beg Me to allow him to keep a little bit of it for his necessities, but I had full intention of blowing through it the very next day, while on a shopping spree, so that was totally out of the question! OMG I bet he’s counting the days til he gets MORE for ME.. aren’t you DRONE?? How many more days must you wait on pins & needles to give Me MORE MONEY?? OMG you CAN’T WAIT.

Here’s what he had to say the very day he received MY CA$H ADVANCE:

“PRINCESS is the ultimate FETISH. i’ve tried to resist like a mad man, but to no avail. She is tearing me apart. And here i am, back at Her feet, begging for mercy. – slave drone burt”

ahaha.. like a MAD MAN.. LOVE IT!! I just ADORE driving you absolutely positively mad.. spinning and spiralling into complete and utter DIVINE MADNESS over ME. It’s like one of My favourite things! I LOVE the intense effect I have over you, seeing you turn into a blubbering FOOL for ME, ready to do ANYTHING I ask. Such is the power I HAVE OVER YOU, My SUBJECT.


Since SLAVE DRONE BURT had weekends off at his main job, he picked up yet another job for weekends, WORKING AT A C-A-R W-A-S-H!! LMAO OMG.. SO funny! he works like two days on the weekend, so he can get extra CA$H for ME, since lavishing Me with lots of MONEY is what his life entirely revolves around now! I mean, seriously, if he is not binging on giving Me $$ gobs of cash $$ on a DAILY basis, he is totally FREAKING to get hold of more $$$ for ME.

If you’ve been reading My diary regularly, you already know that he’s gone to desperate lengths to do this, like missing his mortgage payment, selling his television, and even asking for pay advances weeks ahead of time. LOL OMG I so totally love when you are spending money on Me before you’ve even made it!! That reminds Me, it’s getting close enough to your upcoming PAYDAY, DRONE BURT!! i.e, the day you hand your PAY over to ME. I think it’s about time for another PAY ADVANCE, don’t you think?!! CHA-CHING!

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