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My WALLET ZOMBIE ronny, or as I will call him “SUCKER” keeps getting wicked stoned off his ass and calling Me while paying through the nose PER MINUTE. On one of our recent calls (one day when he had called Me FOUR times that day, including one call which I never answered, lol) he mentioned again how the next morning when he wakes up after having a long call with Me the night before, he cannot remember what happened.. LOL he just feels UNBELIEVABLY GREAT and yearns to give into MY demands AGAIN.

Yes I take him under nearly every time he calls Me, I completely hypnotize him, and he has NO idea what takes place while hes in that state, no idea about all of the thoughts I am implanting deep within his subconscious as he is ZONED OUT on ME. SUCH FN FUN!! Of course, his thought processes have changed DRASTICALLY. The things that used to matter to him no longer do, and guess what *does* matter to him? mmhmm ME, and whatever *I* want. Which is JUST the way it SHOULD BE.

MY snobby condescending voice in your ear putting you UNDER MY CONTROL

SUCKER has been calling Me on Niteflirt for I dont know, maybe a couple of months now.. at first he *attempted* to maneuver the conversation to what *he* wanted to talk about, which of course didnt fly with ME at all. he wasnt accustomed to that, since he has been calling phone actresses for sometime now, but since I’M not a phone actress I dont fn play a role and act interested in what you have to say. My phone lines are available so that MY fans and addicts have the opportunity to experience speaking with Me live. I talk about whatever *I’m* interested in, which is ME, MY interests, and sometimes YOUR weaknesses (only for the pure fact that I use those weaknesses against you to manipulate you and take advantage of you).

I take over the call.. *I* do the talking unless I ask you a question, then you answer. Of course, now and then I am so kind as to let you interject with your sporadic uncontrolled outbursts of emotional devotion, and praises upon My beauty, intelligence, arrogance, and power. I DO so love to hear you grovel at My feet, where you belong.

So sucker whined for the first few calls about how he wanted to talk about his obsession with wanking. Of course I dont fn care about his fixation on his stupid nub. I only care about his MONEY, his WALLET, BRAINWASHING his manbrain, and the like. If he wants to wank, he does that on *his* time, and I certainly dont want to hear about it, it is irrelevant to the topic at hand, which is, of course, MY INTERESTS.

Unlike some, Im not playing a dominant role to bring you some sort of momentary satisfaction, nor am I a “prodomme” who gets paid to bend to YOUR wants and desires. you give Me ALL YOUR MONEY & hand over your rights to ME, for the pure fact that I exist, and by My Superior Existence, your pathetic lives are given meaning, the meaning of living & working for ME, to fund MY Greatness and be a small part of MY Fabulous World. you, My wallet zombie manpawns EXIST to satisfy MY every twisted capricious WHIM. I am not a mistress, but an egocentric arrogant dominant chick with a bit of a mean streak, who has no interest in fulfilling a “subs” fantasy, I only care to fulfill My own twisted motives. Im COMPLETELY self-centered and I really and completely ONLY CARE about fucking you up and giving you absolutely nothing in return but the pleasure of doing what you were BORN to do.

So sucker kept calling back, more and MORE frequently, even tho he kept whining, LOL.. so eventually I said, you LIKE that I deny you, that I care nothing about what YOU want, that Im straight-forward with you about the fact that this is all about ME.. of course he tried to deny it, no no he doesnt like being denied, etc etc.. so I said, I KNOW that you like it, because if you DIDNT you wouldnt keep calling Me back over and over and over, dummy!! LMFAO Like hello, you keep calling ME for 5 PLUS dollars a minute to tell Me you DONT LIKE BEING DENIED.. HA!! your actions speak WAY louder than your words!!

So sometime went by like this, and I began to brainwash him, overriding his ideas and desires with MY IDEALS & DEMANDS. One night he called Me and he was stoned off his ass, I ended up hypnotizing him to a HUGE extent, and for the last ten minutes of the call he was COMPLETELY fucked up in such a way that he could not remember what happened when he called Me back the next night. So I told him from now on, to smoke before calling Me.. LMFAO because it was A LOT OF FUN, and Im not going to tell the details here of the ways in which I condition him when hes “under”, because *he* doesnt even know whats going on.. MY little secret, HA!

So every night since then that he has called, the call starts out with us talking, and then I begin to use MY triggers on him and put him under, for about the last ten minutes of the call.

Then a couple of nights ago, I put him under and left him like that for the last twenty minutes of the call.. he passes out at the end of the call, and then when he wakes up in the morning he cant remember what took place.. lmfao!! The last thing he remembers is talking to Me before I put him under.. LOL

Oh if he ONLY KNEW the ways in which I am brainwashing him when hes under like that, such POWER, I fucking LOVE IT.

So yeah, suffice it to say, sucker REALLY doesnt care about himself anymore at all, not about what he used to *think* he wanted, nor about his unimportant wishes, but only about what *I* WANT, and about ME. he has NO rights, he is a SLAVE. This isnt an EXCHANGE, its about ME GETTING WHAT I WANT OUT OF YOU, and YOU becoming My fucked up little FIEND!! Craving your FIX, unable to resist, ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to feel MY POWER & CONTROL in YOUR life, to hear MY snobby condescending voice in your ear telling you how to live your life and telling you what you are, what you like, and what you feel.


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