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My swedish slave “toadface” contacted Me right away after he received his paycheck, begging to send Me money, since I won’t talk to him until his paycheck comes in.. lmfao I AM SO FN MEAN!!

I told him to send Me an email on Niteflirt, so in return I could send him a bill to pay, so he could hand over his paycheck, which he promptly did! After he paid it, I let him invite Me to his cam for a minute, and realized he freaking looks JUST like a toad!! he has this lumpy forehead and these glazed eyes, wears thick glasses, and has a non existent nose with this super thin line for a mouth, he has virtually NO LIPS.. like he has these skinny little slivers of lips which look brown and slimy, so I told him I call those sort of lips LIVER LIPS.. eww!! haha

Anyway, he is from sweden so he was like “what is toad”.. lol, so I found a pic of a toad and showed it to him, and even he had to admit he looks nearly identical to it. So while he was on cam I took a pic of him next to the pic of the toad, and sent it to him so he could see how SIMILAR they are.. and then told him from here on out his name is TOADFACE.

After that I decided to go out shopping & etceteraaa, and he BEGGED to call Me on Niteflirt, so I told him to wait half an hour, so that he would be calling Me in the car as I went out to SPEND WHAT WAS AT ONE TIME HIS MONEY. LOL

So, yeah, about half an hour goes by, and then My phone rings, I answer and ask who it is, he says, “it is toadface” LMFAO!! I spent the entire call going over his similarities to the toad, and when his money ran up, he asked to add more but I told him NO I’m going out shopping now, you can call Me later.. lmfao OMG WHAT A RIOT!! TOADFACE!!


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