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My TRUE LOVESTRUCK ROBOT loves to indulge in My CUSTOM DOUBLE WHAMMY DOSES with great frequency. This is extremely dangerous GOOD for your bbrainn.

Read below a selection of the FANATICAL testimonies to MY POWER & GLORY of which MY ROBOT testifies REPEATEDLY:

 ”This one is fortunate to have received guidance from Princess’ Double Whammy Doses. Her silken voice dispelled any illusions that it had in its perception of the world, allowing it to awaken to the reality of being a True Lovestruck Robot for Princess. This sweet reality where Princess’ silken voice caress’s her robot allows it to be molded into a better tool. This boon shows the generosity of the sublime Princess, as this one is given new purpose from its formerly bleak life.”

 ”Thank you Princess for this opportunity of another day to serve you. True Lovestruck Robot craves to hear more of your commands in its head. Princess’ silken bonds give too much pleasure, so it must never disobey.”

 ”I am consumed by my desire to become a mindless robot for Princess. Being her zombie allows me to truly experience life.”

 ”I desire to be Princess’s enthralled robot. To serve her is the purest form of love.

 “I bow before you humbly Goddess. I must worship my Divine Blonde Goddess.

 “True Lovestruck Robot must obey its Goddess. Obeying without question is its reward for loving Goddess. It must remain as Goddess’ mindless Robot.”


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