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VIENNABOY & his little poll!!

When viennaboy first contacted Me, he confided in Me about this little episode he had at a local club, where he like hooked up with this chick, they went back to his place, and what ensued was a comedy of epic proportions, over a very little thing. The girl ended up storming out of his place, letting him know NOT to come back to the club ever again, because she planned to make sure that EVERYONE there knew about his little chiclet dicklet. haha.

Now this is the kind of thing that happens to viennaboy constantly. I mean, by now, he is TOTALLY used to it. he has NO success with women, and is very aware of why that is. It was MY suggestion that viennaboy head back to the club pronto to get the humiliation over with, since a couple of his friends frequent the place, and were sure to hear about it. Well, he stayed home that next weekend, cuz he lost the courage to go, and ended up going there the weekend after that. he called Me the next day and told Me what happened, cuz I told him to let Me know how it went.. apparently he started chatting with this girl @ the club, talking to her for like an hour plus, they are getting all cozy and whatever, he goes to use the restroom, and when he comes back she is acting completely disdainful toward him!!

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