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What happens when you come to ME with questions & statements hoping to elicit a desired response

So there is this mega slut who has been around forever, and goes by MANY different names. This total SLUT gets attention from all the “moneydommes” because he kisses ass soooo profusely, and he’s grown accustomed to getting his way with them because they are needy of attention.. WELL, it is a well known fact that I don’t put up with attention grabbing loserboys.. I’m completely impatient with dorks that *play* subbie when they want something.. because we ALL know that I don’t give you losers anything.

I’m ALL about ME, and you contribute to MY decadent hedonistic lifestyle simply because you ADORE ME more than life itself. you pamper and spoil ME because life without ME is NOT worth living, and knowing that, I manipulate your dependence on Me for MY continual advantage..

him: *kneels* on his hands and knees crawling around, wanting to read to Her
him: may i please make a donation ? please Princess Diva, please Princess Diva, am begging You
ME: <– couldnt care less
him: what can i do ?
ME: hm you could take your head stand up bend over and shove it up your butt?  *laughing*
him: i will try. right now, if i could i would, im begging and pleading
ME: Yeah like you are begging and pleading everyone 24/7, the difference is *, I dont need or want your love and asskissing, so save it for someone who doesn’t get enough attention
him: i know, but i worship You that much more as a result, it is weird. Princess Diva, please have mercy on me
ME: do I seem as if Im a merciful person to you? If so you don’t know Me at all
him: no Princess, a lil shred of mercy… *trembling*
ME: does this work with the others?  cuz if so maybe it’s because want your money, cuz guess what
him: somtimes, yes
ME: I don’t
attn seeking whoreboy: but this is more than that
ME: I thought we went thru these preliminaries already * I told you that I see right thru you, so you can cut the charades
him: i know YOU do, but you also know i ache for servitude and to obey. You are one of the few with the KNOWING that fascinates me. so what am i to do ?
ME: hm.. suffer?
him: yes, thank You Princess Diva, may i please suffer for You ? please please please
ME: you ARE suffering for Me, enjoy it! *laughing*
him: yes i am, i will always worship You. i had just been thinking about those readings… im sorry Princess
ME: well I know that you are sorry, a sorry IDIOT, but wtf are you saying you’re sorry for
him: many things, dont really know where to begin…
ME: umm ok lmfao.. so when the begging and sentimentalities dont work, does the act of contrition usually do it?
him: im not doing that
ME: *laughing*
him: depressed
ME: you’re depressed?
him: yeah… i guess so, suffering
ME: what are you depressed about
him: that you torment me and i want it more
ME: k I’ll give you more, I’ll stop replying! *laughing*
him: please Princess Diva.. You know you have me, now ill be really depressed and mopey
him: say it, ill do it
him: niteflirt donation ?
him: shoes ?

I kind of doubt that was the reply he was hoping for, don’t you? LMFAO you see thats what happens when you ask questions and make statements in hopes of eliciting a desired response from ME. I see straight through blatant attempts to gain a desired response, i’ts a simple element of basic psychology.. and being the SNOB that I am, I just love giving you the completely polar opposite response of the reply you were seeking.

btw.. WHAT is it with you loserboys and your desire to READ TO ME? lmao
This attn seeking whoreboy is only one of many of you that crave to tribute Me your hard earned CA$H so that I will let you read to Me.. hm.. maybe Ive started a new literary fetish?


Otherwise known as ATM WANNABE

There is this stupid little monkey who I TOTALLY fucked up in the past for about six months, after which time he was DEEP in debt because of ME, and, as it turned out, beyond maxing all of HIS credit cards on ME, he had also been using a paypal account with his business credit card. Well, he always said he “owned” the business, but it just so happened he only “co-owned” the business, soooo when he maxed the business card on ME, there was basically HELL to pay for him, not to mention he TOTALLY screwed up his rep at paypal and can no longer even open a paypal account. LOL was a LOSER.

So, it was after this time that he became WORTHLESS to ME. For the next year he kept trying to contact Me and beg to send money to ME but for an ENTIRE YEAR I would not deem to reply to him AT ALL. After about a year, I fucked him out of a FEW THOUSAND, and then put him back on EXILE. Since that time, he’s been trying & trying *unsuccessfully* to get Me to rape his stupid broke ass wallet, and of course, I WON’T WASTE MY TIME. he’s far too POOR for MY TASTES. Now that he is a BROKEN WALLET, he goes around to desperate chicks, and pretends to shop for them, then cancels the orders, and they all cry about it.. LMAO!! It goes without saying, that he NEVER cancelled on ME, the dumdum KNOWS BETTER than to do that.

So he contacted Me again, after attempting to contact Me several days that week, begging Me to take his 150 bux or whatever, ickypoo next to nothing, I would not take it, his cheapy tributes OFFEND ME. It IS pretty fucking funny tho, because he is STILL stuck in a hole, $ 4,500.00 in debt from ME. GOT TO LOVE IT HUH, MONKEY??!! LOLL

Check this out, it’s good for a LAUGH at HIS EXPENSE!! (I’ve edited his name out so as NOT give him any sort of personal acknowledgement, since he’s not worth it!!) Oh, and try to understand his broken english, since he is a foreign slave with very little knowledge of the english language, basically you can get the gist of what he is saying..

him: i still paying the $4,500 debt You left on my card
*rolling eyes*
and i love it of course

him: may i be useful for someting on house?
yah as if, you are so poor
well, is more humiliating this way

ME: you’re too broke for Me, you know that *
prove me
what, and spend all nite finding a place that will take your money? ickkkk! Look at the pictures of Me and WISH you could afford to serve ME stupid

him: dont You need a doormat for Your new home for that i may pay for it?
I already have a monogrammed doormat, fool
yes, i was supossed iet yet
and you could not afford to have paid for it
You are cruelle with me
and you are stupid, and poor
i am poor, but i want a Rich Girl take advantage on me
only poor girls want to take advantage of you

him: but when i was avalable You took advantage on me.. dont remain any kind good feeling about me now?
lmao yeah back when you HAD MONEY dumdum
i have something Prince$$
: try it. destroy me, i beg You

ME: yes but unfortunately for you, you do not have enough $$ for THE Princess to have a desire to use you

him: i know iam not in Your league
but i bet it makes You pleasure taking the last cent from a poor guy
how much must i to have for having Your time ?
save your pennies *, you have not enough money for MY time

him: i remember i need a whole year for You stsrt to use me in the past time… now again?
You know i love You
no, You know i ADORE You
I KNOW you love & adore Me and you are DIRT POOR

ME: now I’m heading out shopping
Miss Me
take it someting from me
lemem try one of Your tribte systems

LMFAO!! long after I had left to go shopping, and wasn’t even in My house, much less at My computer, the dimwit was still typing away to Me, begging Me to use his wallet! LOSER!


Krrrrrrrrrushing – i can visualize a little man with an aloof Princess… him down lower than the ground, Her with a chunky heel on his throat, twisting it, crushing his windpipe, just not quite enough to let him die. She is pissed that She is not standing of even ground, and cautious not to get any of it (him) on the suede portion of Her shoe. his body trembling with pain masked by the breaking of what is left of his heart.
love and passion in his suffering teary eyes, and She could care less. a minor sneer is the best She may give him.

foolup’s visualization
Her fool

poor monkey here – hello Prince$$: from my humbly way of life , iam very proud for having contributed Your luxury life. You had sense to my life, and now i still in a large debt with bank who makes me suffer every month thinking on You. Thank You for this all Prince$$

kneeling front of You

please i beg You – here the poor monkey again….
pleease Princess, You are in my mind every minute of the day, please i beg You let me play at Your slaves league again, please!!
i know i am the last piece of shit for You, but i hope with work and devotion You may accept me again one of those days


Anonymous – Love that foot.



As usual, a bunch of quote, unquote, “dominant women” are going to be freaking out telling Me how I should feel “bad” about the fact I don’t care about these dummies, and how I’m supposed to have some sort of conscience about how I fuck them up, and how I shouldn’t use their vices to benefit Myself, but guess what chickies? I STILL don’t care what you think! In fact, I don’t care about you or what you think anymore than I care about the losers that I use up!!

I LOVE making men go crazy, driving them to the brink of madness, dangling them from the edge, and making them beg to be destroyed by Me! I like to use their weaknesses, fetishes, and vices against them, and FOR ME!

And, guess what? If it bothers you, then maybe you should stop looking, because guess what? The fact that you keep looking, only proves that you are mesmerized by Me just as much as these LOSERS!! Of course, I cant blame you! I keep hoping youll get obsessed and enthralled with watching someone else, but then again even I cant imagine anyone any more enthralling than me!! A final thought however, wouldnt you rather be “doing your own thing” rather than “watching mine”?

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