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A new batch of euroslaves have been joining My website, calling My phone listings at Niteflirt, and contacting Me to tribute THE All American Blonde. I just LOVE using up foreign slaves.. the fact that MY Power is spanning the globe is completely gratifying to ME. WORLD DOMINATION BABY.. this is why I call My slave set, The International Sin Set.. because My slaves are literally ALL OVER THE WORLD.

In fact, I looked at My site stats the other nite and was surprised to even see some new areas of the world listed among My visitors, including the Ivory Coast, one area I have never noticed on there before. I LOVE ivory, in particular vintage elephant ivory, since its illegal to hunt and kill the elephant anymore, I love vintage elephant ivory, which is still legal to buy. you know, they banned hunting the elephants for ivory because the hunters were basically slaughtering the elephants by tearing out their tusks. Exclusivity is one of many reasons why one of My favourite furs is leopard skin, because leopards are also illegal to hunt and kill anymore, and you can only buy vintage leopard fur, which is extremely hard to find as you can well imagine, since it is not currently marketed, most people that have it, hold onto it. I LOVE furs that are difficult to acquire and not common. I HATE anything common, that just ANYONE can get ahold of. BLEH! THE Princess deserves THE UNATTAINABLE by the mass populace.

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